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What can you use the app for?

Buzzword is an advanced online word processing and text-editing application from Adobe which encompasses a range of options that provides anytime accessibility to its users. This is a class leading utility that caters to the needs of many who don’t have full-fledged word processors installed on their PCs. In order to simplify the process, this application bears close resemblance to the conventional editors installed on our computers. The application boasts of easy-to-operate formatting tools that deliver high-quality content to its users and it sports a captivating interface and includes easily navigable features for its users. Users can bring upon several changes in their documents as per their requirements. Buzzword allows them to create new documents, change the color of the text, and modify the background and style. The menu bar of the application is alluring, which tempts users to navigate through its various features. Once the user edits a document, it can be exported to the hard disk in many formats; for instance, in .PDF format which has really been a cause of concern for the users as they did not know how to create .PDF document or either have no acrobat writer software installed on their PCs.

This application stores the edited documents for later use. Buzzword – Acrobat offers 7 basic fonts, text and background coloring utilities. It also offers users the pliability to insert images in their documents, so as to impart a more purposeful and intriguing look to them. Buzzword also allows users to insert tables and charts into their document, as these provide more objective and precise information to its readers. In addition, it also let its users to share their documents online, which is the prime point that breaks the barrier of emailing documents separately. This entire editing and sharing process takes place within the web browser and no additional download is required.

Buzzword screenshot
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What is the history and popularity of the app?

As of now, the application shows compatibility with Microsoft Word, plain text, rich text format and Word 2003 files. With its great capabilities, Buzzword is getting a wider exposure among the professionals with every passing day. Moreover, it provides spell-check for 18 different languages, which further add to the worth of the application. Buzzword was shut down by Adobe in 2010.

What are the differences to other apps?

There are many other online word processors and text editors available on the internet but this one is simply unsurpassable. The export feature imparts the strength in a way that not only PDF document format is done but XML, Open Document Format, and Rich Text Format that are generally not integrated in one suite, helps the user to achieve what seemed tough at one point of time. This application does not offer image editing feature which is a bit disappointing factor, but in the future Adobe might incorporate such tools.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

Buzzword-Acrobat really makes users work more and more with it, because of its impressively blended colors and luring buttons and menu bar. On clicking any icon it zooms to the left and drops down a menu, which portrays meaningful look to it. Black color background further augments its elegance. Colorful navigation bar adds spice to the working panel. The lower end of the document includes three options, namely history button that navigates you to the history of the user’s document, zooming bar and the connection status that tells whether you are online or not.

How does the registration process work?

Registration process is simple and does not take much time and effort. One has to input email id in proper format, password, first name, last name and country of residence. Each field is mandatory. The registration form is user friendly. After filling all the details, a confirmation mail is sent to the email id. This verification link is necessary to sign in.

What does it cost to use the application?

This application is free of cost. No money is charged from the users. There is no such thing like premium membership on this website. Using the Buzzword application users can create Adobe Document Online which would cost a lot if the Adobe Reader software is purchased and used. So in that sense it is most economical, what one needs is an internet connection only.

Who would you recommend the application to?

This is a good application for all professionals who keep on traveling frequently, as this application offers a great platform to create and share their documents. In addition, it also has a lot to offer to students, medical professionals, teachers, etc.

  • Supports many high level extension for example .PDF, .RTF, .DOC etc
  • No additional download is necessary; everything is in the browser window.
  • Simple registration steps save the user from confusion.
  • Novel design makes one keep hopping from one page to other.
  • Almost window’s word processor like environment.
  • User friendly interface makes it go smooth with the visitors.
  • Administration rights to other users either to read, review or edit the document.

Buzzword video

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